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Freelance Photo Retoucher VS. Photo Editing Company: Any Significant Difference?

 Leslie Flores helps us understand the discrepancies between freelance photo editing and professional photo editing services with her article based on the personal experience. 

That is already an irrefutable fact that we constantly try to make our life easier. When it comes to photography and the photo editing process, this regularity works in the same very way. When there is a chance or a possibility to prune tedious and time-consuming photo editing process away for the sake of greater good (be it a long-awaited good night sleep or an extra highly prolific photo session, it is all up to you). At the same time, it is in our nature to aim to save money when possible. However, is it a good thing to adhere to, as far as photographer outsource editing is concerned? Is it better to get a little spendy and to outsource photoshop editing or should you rather find a freelance photo retoucher? Leslie Flores, wedding photographer from Kansas, ruminates on the given dilemma. 
In the digital era, finding out information within minutes and without a need of leaving your snuggly home is definitely not an issue of the day. Unfortunately, not everyone writes from their own experience or with a valid and sufficient knowledge, as well as proficiency in the issue under scrutiny. As a consequence, only a tiny fraction of all of that informational glut deserves to pay attention to and, therefore, to rely on. Not seldom does your professional success depend on the relevancy and propriety of the pieces of information you take as a foreground. Not only is Leslie Flores a professional wedding photographer herself, she has also successfully tried herself at freelance retouch as well. Therefore, she perfectly knows both sides of the coin, but nor just tries to conjecture and polemicize on behalf of the given issue. That is a big plus to her article, since giving a piece of advice on outsource photoshop editing from one’s own experience is the best thing. Being a professional photographer herself, she knows already much about photo editing process. Judging from her article, she is capable of doing retouch herself, of course. She has even tried herself as an upwork photo retoucher. Nevertheless, she has decided to outsource image editing for the sake of saving time and energy for other photography projects. 

Leslie gives quite a detailed analysis of collaborating with a freelance retoucher on an outsource image editing platform called Upwork on the one side. On the other side, she gives her feedback on working with a professional photo editing company. She takes into her consideration such criteria as: quality of the outsource photoshop editing, price, service and communication. She starts with information on outsource image editing services from an upwork photo retoucher and then moves to professional photo editing companies for photographers, giving her overall conclusion after that. Though Leslie does not give strict recommendations on what to do: to choose a professional photo editing services or to outsource photography editing to a freelance retoucher; she gives her personal results of collaborating with both. Therefore, you can judge on your own what you need more and what you prefer better.
 As for freelance image editing, Leslie mentions Upwork as one of the most trustworthy freelance photo editing platforms. That is the reason why she has tried being a upwork photo retoucher, as well as chosen it for the search of best photo retouchers for her own urgent photography project. She admits that upwork retoucher profiles vary deeply, as well as freelance retoucher rates. The higher the rates are, the better, of course, if you want to wind a qualified photographer. You can manage you own process of searching for the best freelance retoucher for yourself. Leslie advises to be very clear and precise with your Upwork account, working announcement and price. In this way you can eliminate the possibility of hiring an amateur or a fraud. Firstly, you use specific terminology and give definite requirements which will mean absolutely nothing to an unskilled person. Secondly, the price usually signals about the quality. No one will do a quality and time-consuming job for almost nothing. If people claim they can, they liars or just ignoramuses. Skilled people value their time and efforts. Besides, to Leslie geolocation of her upwork photo retoucher also matters. She trusts mostly those from the USA or EU, since they adhere to certain standards unlike others. She greatly recommends to search for a freelance retoucher London, since it has worked for her the most. You may receive a ton of applications from people who are ready to do freelance photo retouching for you. A great piece of advice from Leslie is to wait at least 2 days before choosing a freelance photo retoucher due to the time difference, unfixed schedules and so on. And lastly, communication is indeed important. So our colleague has mentioned rightfully, that one should always make sure that your interlocutor understands you.

However, it is mentioned in Leslie’s article, that though there is a privacy policy on such outsource photography editing platforms as Upwork, no one can really guarantee you that the job will be done in time, as well as that your data won’t be used somewhere without your permission. Besides, it takes some time to choose the best photo retouchers, settle everything and get the results, consequently. Therefore, when your project is urgent, it is not a good idea to outsource photography editing to an unverified freelance photo retoucher.
As far as photo editing companies for photographers are concerned, things go much easier with service support, custom communication and privacy policy. The process of ordering is also very simple, but most importantly – more reliable than on outsource photography editing platforms. That is a great plus, as Leslie mentions. Professional photo editing services are extremely responsive in their online chats and they have strict working rules they have to follow. Hence, they rave reliable privacy policies and will never even presume to showcase your retouched photos in their portfolios without your personal agreement. Though they have fixed prices, which can be higher than you can see on carious outsource photography editing platforms, it is worth it. That is due to the fact that photo editing companies for photographers hire only the best photo retouchers, who are absolute professionals with required skills and enough experience. Therefore, Leslie feels more confident that her demands will be clearly understood. One important thing that Leslie mentions is that one should be attentive when choosing the retouch level (which also differ in price and sometimes quite drastically), since professional photo editing services are capable of doing several of them. Make sure to choose what you really need. Leslie illustrates the results of her collaboration with one of the professional photo editing services that she has chosen to rely on (, and Overall, it seems as if Leslie had enjoyed working with a professional photo editing company for photographers. Having looked at the resulting photos and taken into consideration the fact that a freelance retouch did her no good, it is not a surprising conclusion to see, rather an expected one.

Sometimes we lack genuine feedbacks on the internet, especially when it comes to your business. Leslie Flores is one of those people who hasn’t imposed her personal point of view in her article and have a sincere feedback. People differ and tastes differ as well. Who knows what other crowds need, right? Although we all aspire to get the best of the best, the criteria of our personal judgement vary a lot. Therefore, it seems to be helpful that both variants of outsource photography editing were analyzed in her article. You can see disadvantages and advantages of outsource image editing services from both a freelance retoucher and professional photo editing companies for photographers. It should be admitted that all the points were covered in an ample and satisfying way. All the information was conveyed clearly and in an understandable as well as simple way. That is especially significant for beginners and photographers on the make who haven’t had a chance yet to obtain a sufficient amount of experience. All in all, the article seems to be quite helpful and the content pretty relevant (big thumbs up for basing everything on the personal experience!). We would definitely recommend having a look at the article and taking notes of fruitful pieces of advice there.


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