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How important is photo retouching and how is it difficult to choose a photo retouching service?

I always think about importance of professional photo editing. Every day photographers edit a lot of photos and not always this retouching is perfect. It is really very difficult to find enough time for retouching and for work. For example I prefer to make more photo sessions and less photo post processing. But my clients always wait really good photos with ideal skin and hair, some interesting ideas, fantastic worlds and other retouching things and of course they think that I can or maybe I must make it in few days. 

So I started to think how make less and simple professional photographers editing, I looked for some professional image editing services, which can make this work for me. But then I had a trouble I have never think that it can be so difficult to find some service which can suit me, can save my original photo style and be not so expensive.
Recently I have found an article of photographer Leslie Flores, which is about best service for wedding photography editing. This article is big and it needs a lot of time to read it, but it is very useful. In this article Leslie tells us about her experience in photo retouching and in her research of really good photography editing services.  So in my article I want to tell you the best ideas from article of Leslie, which I find the most suitable for me and for photographers who want to be professional. 
Firstly you should understand how important is to make professional photo editing use some professional image editing services. Just photography is only half the battle, because no matter how you tried, but the light there is no perfect, hair models can be stacked is not the best way, the eyes can be red and one should not forget about the weather conditions, which do not always coincide with the desire of the photographer. To fix mistakes all photographers use different editors’ photos, such as Photoshop and LightRoom. But these editors require a lot of knowledge and time and effort to retouch photos. In such cases, even the most famous photographers use the services of professional retouching companies. This is especially generally best for wedding photographers, because during the wedding photo editing is an incredible amount of photos and we are talking about thousands of photos, and if you have planned a wedding of another client, then another, then the time on retouching is definitely not. At the time the wedding photography editing service offers perfect terms of retouching, and most importantly speed, of course it's not free, but then you will have more free time for other orders and you can earn more money and at the same time, your customers will be satisfied with the speed of your work.

If after reading this you understand how you need a professional retouch, and then we will help you choose the right service for you. In article of Leslie you can read more detailed reviews for best wedding photo editing software and best wedding photo editing services. 
First you need to understand which criteria need to choose professional photo editing company. The most important are such criteria as: the quality of the work, the style of photographer and retouch, retouching, time spent on retouching, website speed, speed, content, and speed of the review. These criteria identified the best professional image editing services.
So we start with Photographers edit reviews. At first glance, this website seems perfect for wedding photographers, but what is confusing in the first minute of being on the website is that they have no examples of their work, so here in the comments you can find much more need of information than on the site itself. Then you begin to explore the features of the site, and it seems pretty simple and clear. But when you begin to upload photos, the editors of this site asked you many questions which takes a lot of time, maybe it's right to keep the own style of the photographer, but the questions are very different and leaning towards becoming a member of their team, but we all go there for a different purpose. Go to the price of retouching, if you want to post process the photo while maintaining your style, you can buy a Premium account and pay $ 99 for a month even if not using the services of retouching in the month, but generally they charge for the time it takes the editor to the post processing of your photos. So for example on one photo takes 18 minutes for the 10 photos you give $ 180, not very cheap considering that the wedding goes for about 400-600 photos. Or if you have photographers edit coupon code it would be cheaper for you.       
Wedding retouching is a very good website which will be very useful for wedding photographers. For retouching photos on this website take from 0.2 to 0.5 $. The price depends on the level of post processing. Very beneficial to have a Bridal package for just $ 99 over 700 photos, it is much cheaper than on other sites. Their advantage is fast reaction to all questions if you are interested in something you can ask them in online chat. Also, on average retouch photos they need 5 working days.
We edit photos is probably one of the most convenient sites of retouching photos. There are a lot of examples of different types of retouching and of course all prices. The price for color correction is 0.2$ per photo, I think this is a very good price. Also the time of retouching is an average of 4 days without a rush order.
Photo editing company. Overall the website is very good, all very conveniently located, all the information you need is in the section of the retouching you need. For example the price of a wedding photo starts from $ 0.25 and depending on the complexity to 2 dollars per photo. But in my opinion this website is for less important orders, because after you need to add to your retouching, especially when it relates to outfits.

FixThePhoto. The website looks very handy, very easy website navigation, overall prices are low 0,2$ for the photo and 0.05$ for the selection of photos. They specialize on different types of retouching, wedding retouching, the average price from 2 to 5 dollars per picture. The retouched shots you can get in for 5 days, and if you pay for urgency until 2 days your order will be ready.
Shoot dot edit. I agree with Leslie that this is one of the most difficult web sites to place your order is extremely difficult, you need to leave them your email address which will then be sent to their advertising. Also they don't have shoot dot edit pricing for individual photos, you will be able to subscribe for $ 119 a month or $ 299 per month, which is not very convenient if you don't always need their services.

Foto Fafa. In my opinion the only drawback of this site there are examples of retouching, because the photo is small in size, and for Pro editors, it is at least strange. Basically the site is very easy to use; prices are low as in the previous embodiments. And to work with your order also takes about 5 days. As for the quality of work, it is more appropriate for simple bookings and simple clients.
Evolve Edits. I can't disagree that this is one of the most fashionable and beautiful web sites. On this site you will find an incredible number of photographs, examples of retouching, videos. But also, this web site is the most expensive of all the options, they charge $ 70 per hour for the retouching, which is very expensive if you need a wedding package, but maybe the quality matches the price and if you do not mind the price, then you will enjoy this company. For other photographers it will be better if they have some evolve edits promo code.                                                 
Vital Edit. The website looks normal and easy to navigate. You can immediately watch the prices and understand how much will cost your order. Also attract the attention of the great examples of post processing, but not the price I was pleasantly surprised, $ 3 per photo, when I need to retouch more than 100 photos it is very expensive, especially because they have a retouching medium and requires its own intervention.
Retouch up.  And here is the last retouching service, but not the worst.  Like Leslie I read a lot about this site and watched a lot of retouch up reviews, all agree on one thing, that this is the fastest website, but unfortunately not of best the quality.  Their retouch is not of the lowest price, an average of $ 5 per photo, but as many photographers say, you will need to do a lot of fixes after retouching.
What do you think about these photography editing services? I am really interested in it, and maybe you have worked or heard about another best program for wedding photo editing, so please write me some comments. 


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